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Len and Wendy Green. 12/20/2018

Our family is practically addicted to Sato\’s place. We come here more often than any other restaurant, whether for an end of week catch up/quiet dinner or a family event or a neighborhood celebration.
Great atmosphere, friendly service, awesome food, expertly prepared and tasty…always tasty.

Mark S.  12/17/2011

This place is fun and the food is great served up exactly as you want it!  It is a small place that has you feeling like you stepped into a small sushi restaurant in Japan.  The service is amazing and you feel very welcome the second you walk in the door.

There are always people inside drinking, talking, and of course eating at the bar even though it is so small – it seems that only regulars go there and the employees know everyone that comes in.  They even have special greetings for certain people and will give them a big hello and goodbye when they are there.  Chat with everyone like they have known them for years.

Their hot tea is perfect Japanese style, they give you a light cucumber salad, and sushi can be made however you want it, all you need to do is ask and they will make it happen.

The spicy tuna dip for an appetizer is very good and the desserts are all great, my favorite being the fried bananas with chocolate sauce, basically the best fried thing I can think of!  That alone will have you licking your fingers, the plate, and have you coming back for more!

S M 10/15/2011

Service is outstanding. Bar none. We enjoyed the Dream Roll, Crazy Roll and Dragon Roll and the hailbut nigiri. Everything was very flavorful and fresh. Seaweed salad was perfect! For dessert we had the Tempura Ice Cream: vanilla ice cream surrounded by pound cake, coated with tempura flakes and deep fried. Don’t forget the whipped cream, chocolate sauce and the cherry on top! De.li.cious. Highly recommended!

Brittany 09/15/2011

This place is amazing! The staff are very friendly and the sushi is delicious. I love the spicy tuna rolls, ikura, and sweet potato roll. I have been to many sushi places in the burbs (wildfish, sushi para, etc) but the taste and overall quality is best here. Thank me later. 🙂

Jenna G. 07/06/2011

This place was pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. The food was good. Good fresh sushi. The menu options were fair. Wish it was larger.
The atmosphere was nice. Small but nice. I used a http://restuarnt.com Gift Certificate and they we very help and kind. There was no wait and service was very good!

The only negative I would give this place is that it was a bit hard to find. GPS sent me in wrong direction.

Laurie White 06/16/2011

My Go-to Sushi place
I have been loving sushi for over 25 years. Asahi is my favorite place for Japanese food. Of all the places in the NW suburbs, I think Asahi has the best value. Really nice size pieces of fish, really fresh fish and excellent service. You can find a coupon on their website for carryout. I think they do more carry-out business than sit-down business. You won’t be disappointed with the food for the price.

Mattholly68 05/18/2011

Their asahi is tops, but their fried ice cream is insane awesome!!!

Jennifer B. 05/10/2010

Delicious! The tuna maki was like biting into butter! The tiny fried crab cake appetizer was also really really good.
If you are in the neighborhood it’s worth a stop!